Underpinning my work are ideas about life, death, decay and belief.
Broadly, my work is concerned with the discussion of ideas which seem unresolved, the puzzling way we live and the differences between "now" and "then."
Much of my material comes from close observation of my living space and garden.
Nature mirrors our human actions and times.
I combine a matrix of interchangeable but specific data, which may contain archival material, images and text.
I produce printmaking, artist books, construction, photography and paint, depending on the relevance of those media. I have been interweaving strands of collaboration, investigation, installation and publication. In this way the installations feed the books and vice versa.

My work always feels provisional which is why a set or series of pieces is more interesting than a single item. A narrative is a way of opening a discussion with an audience.

2016 sees a new Installation with an artist talk, at The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, Leeds.
The library, which was founded in 1768, contains a wealth of unique information.
My subject is enlightenment: what it meant in the eighteenth century and some of the results of that time, good and bad. The energetic sailing and world searching that was a feature of the 18th century included some influential gardening! It is always interesting to have gardening involved!
The exhibition and talk about the exhibition describe a kind of journey into the archives and shows work inspired by the stopping points on the journey.