"Looking For an Enemy" (updated 2016)

The first edition published in 2009 needed to be updated for political reasons.

The way in which I print and bind my books means that I can modify the book as I go.
I generally print 4 books initially and when they sell I print more.
So, how far can you add and remove elements from an edition before it becomes something else?
There are simply two additions to the previous book but the meaning is the same.

The focus of the book used to be the dangers of food, water, chemicals, germs, surveillance and the neighbours.
Now it's more about the neighbours.
Particularly "different" neighbours.

The images are refined and elegant.
Sometimes funny.
No need to be ugly.

It's still all about fear .. of what is misunderstood.
It's serious.

Cover image taken on the bus to the University in Bradford, Yorkshire.

book size 29 x 50cms closed.