"Borders 2"

I have returned to say more about borders.

The first book I printed called Borders was sold out in 2008. It named introduced species of plants and animals which have become a nuisance in the wild.
In 2016, I feel that a more direct challenge of the notion of borders is needed.

This edition is about the desperate human need to cross borders and how in time such crossings fade from memory and acceptance happens. The book is superficially about plants, but the real subject is people.

In nature borders are irrelevant.
This book contains images of imported plant species seen through a veil of newspaper images of migrant humans.

The migrant/successfully introduced plants of the past are assumed to be natives. They have been accepted and most people think they belong to the UK.
All the plants which I photographed in my garden and neighbourhood were introduced between 1600 and 1920.

This is a two part A3 book, with a physical border between the two, which can be bought separately or as a pair (to get the full picture.)

Each book 15cms x 42cms
The pair 30cm x 42cms.
Digitally printed on Somerset Enhanced archival paper,
with additional drawing on 90g/m2 tracing paper.

Edition of 24