Thinking about attitudes to nature, I observed the quantity of equipment and gadgets, food and guide books for feeding garden birds.
I feed the birds and take great pleasure in watching them, but like everything else, it can go too far!
This box assemblage has taken me so long to complete.
I have wanted to encompass wide ranging ideas about cosiness, cuteness, homely attitudes and kitch, in combination with the tooth and claw real life of animals and birds and with our historical food related need for the avian.

Eggs, turkey, paté de foi gras,
Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie.
The grouse moor and the farm yard,
The pigeon loft and migration.

This book/box is composed of etchings, block prints, objects, hand made rubber stamp prints, photographs and digital prints.
The scroll, the subject of which is feeding and flying, is printed from an etching plate which was marked by birds, while under the bird feeder , during the winter of 2011. The egg in a gold box, is a blown Quayle egg, produced as a dining delicacy. The small envelope contains a device for imitating bird calls. On the envelope is a picture of a bird with "gold" in its name. The bird call is written cryptically on the outside. The lid is printed with the front panel from a wooden nest box. The other printed and digital images in the box refer to the functions and habits of birds, both contemporary and historical.

size 24 x 29 x 5cms. on mixed papers