"De La Terre" (out or from the earth) is a concertina book produced for exhibition in France, but available in an edition of 30 here.
The black and white images show the artist climbing into a prehistoric grave, which was found in Scotland UK.
This symbolises the inevitability of death, which is the end of life – of plants, humans and animals.

The reverse shows a new garden which progresses through the summer, from soil and a few small plants, to a burgeoning of flowers and foliage.
This new growth is the result of the decay of dead organisms through the natural cycles of the soil.

Punched into the pages are symbols of stars, worms, holes and humans.
Stars are said to be the source of all the chemicals on earth, which make us all.

The chemicals are recycled through the action of worms, fungi and micro-organisms.
We are chemicals.
Printed digitally on Seawhite 140gsm acid free paper, closed 14.5 x 10cms, open 60 x 10cms.