Fetish began as a series of photographs taken by me at knee height, next to the shop, in the Musee D'Orsay in Paris.
In the photographs people look, go, return, discuss, shop, buy.
Some people feature more than once.

It seems that people are more interested in the shop than the galleries of art.
They seem desperate to acquire some connection with art.
Some icon to take home.

Will this have some magical properties that can confer good?

It is easy for people of many cultures to like the art of Impressionism.
Is it part of the dream of Modernism?

As the book unfolds the pictures become darker, as the lights go out.
Hand painted images, taken from ancient carvings, are superimposed.
As the images of Modernism darken, the "primitive" fetishes gain power and become brighter.

The form of the book is a double sided concertina, enclosed in a slim hand made, box.

The back of the box carries a quotation from Art Monthly by Dave Beech about the fetish of Modernism.

Edition of 10 printed on 200g/m2 Seawhite cartridge paper.
Cover 460g/m2 Hahnemuhle paper