"Germinal" 2012 at South Square Sculpture garden.

An installed book/sculpture

"Germinal" was the month between March and April in the French Republican Calendar. It is also a novel by Emil Zola about the revolution of an underclass.
I represent the idea of Germinal as a group of flowers. They are made of soft and yielding laminated paper and acetate. They are wired onto iron boundary markers which gives them unexpected strength. Their pictorial content demonstrates the power of the individual in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. The written content relates to definitions of hope.
The flowers will change over time. As they rust and soften they will blend into the woodland setting.
A flower produces seed.
The stems carry copper plant labels which say "Hope" in Polish, Spanish, Greek, Arabic and French.

The text, on acetate, is taken from quotations about and definitions of hope.

Images include.... Brian Haw... Mark Wallinger... suffragettes.... bridge builders.... the Milky Way.... a human cell.... the moon landing team 1969.... the internet....