I have made many installations.

The first project began with a call-out for garden sculpture at South Square Gallery in Thornton.
The second for a group exhibition at the Yorkshire Craft Centre, followed by a similar event at The West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

In April 2013 an installation of birds and nest boxes took place at Phoenix Studios in Brighton.

In September 2015 a major installation, which included photographs, sculpture and sound, was created at South Square, developing from the garden sculpture project. Called "Something Rich and Strange" it featured death, compost, recycling and re-birth.
This exhibition also toured to The Soil Association Conference in Bristol in November 2015.

In February 2016 the exhibition and artist talk "Enlightenment: Maps, Plants and the Triangular Trade" will be on display until 14th March at The Leeds Library, Commercial Street, Leeds.

South Square Garden

Yorkshire Craft Centre

Something Rich and Strange

Enlightenment:maps,plants and the triangular trade

     raw cotton 
     willow pattern 
     Nature Printing