In an edition of eight, each book has a unique piece of wood as the spine. The intricate design of the carving on the wood was made by an insect, who was only looking for food. This book forms part of a series of investigations into the art made by animals.
The images inside the book refer to the boundaries between man and nature, the hardness of humanistic thought, the decline of rationality and the age of reason.
The text is from a poem by Dylan Thomas, written in the 1950's, when romantic attitudes to nature were embodied in landscape. The originality of the artist was celebrated. The tragic life of the heroic, struggling, visionary, doomed, artist (and bad husband!) is embodied in the life of Thomas.
I was interested, when making this book, in the differences between the time of Thomas and our time.
Partly because it is the span of my life.
The final line in the book is "watching the weather fall", which meant the rain, but now might also mean the climatic disaster that we are waiting for.
So, how would it be for Thomas today in times of equality and diversity, when everyone and probably every animal is an artist?

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