Nest Box
Rotten and Unused a twenty year old nest box is removed, separated, has added text and is then printed.
It is signified by the text, but also by it’s rejection by birds. It is an all round failure.
The sentimental associations of nests and the use of nest boxes by nature lovers is confusing us.
In ancient times bird was food.
Comments by birds:
“You are not helping”
“You have too many cats”
“I reject your box”

The prints were produced on an Albion Press on Rives BFK paper.

There are points of convergence between these prints and the series of Garden Philosophy. They may be seen as a continuous production or as a set of discrete images.

 Chicks Might Fall Out     
 Site between North and East     
 Suspend and Survey     
 Do Not Nail Down the Lid     
 Hang It     
 Shortage May Lead to Nest Desertion