The artist, dismayed by lack of belief in own actions, stands back and allows the "work" to do as it pleases.

The Nestbox becomes an object and to complete the circle, sets off into the house and garden looking for a home.
It needs to feel useful.
Failing to feel appropriate indoors, it takes to the trees.
Forgetting it is made of card, it wedges itself in the tree, until a violent act happens and it falls to the floor.

Poor nestbox, useless made of wood, useless as a print, useless made of card.
Who would want a card nestbox?

Kits are available to buy, "construct your own useless nestbox."
Includes all the pieces needed and ready cut out of 250gm white card, together with the opportunity to take part in, a probably futile, web based photography project, hosted by Janet Allsebrook.
Contact me for availability and price of kits.

A film of the tragedy is in production.

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