Robert Filliou designed a game at Leeds Art College in 1969. Blindfolded students played cards, guided by observers.
Play and joy occupied crucial roles for Filliou.

In 2011 I first visited and photographed “Cité Radieuse,” designed by Le Corbusier. In 1952 when the building was inaugurated there was such confidence and hope. Architects and Artists had ideals and beliefs. The lives of ordinary people could be improved. There could be a total society, a microcosmic city, a “Unité d’Habitation.” This was built with truth to materials, a remarkably honest structure.

A child plays at drawing.
I have played with the building.
We must play more.

This book, called Playground, has a circular radiating format, in homage to “Cité Radieuse.”
It appears initially to be a wedge shape, but when spread to its full extent it forms a sun burst, radiating images and words. It can be read as individual pages, or around the circumference.

The wooden blocks and lego figures were found at the side of a road, where they seemed to have fallen from a vehicle and burst out of a box. The shapes of the blocks are similar to the architectural structures in the photographs and it was fun to position them around the less appealing areas of my house, built in 1969.
The children’s drawings were produced by my son when he was three.

I was three when the Cité Radieuse was completed.

2015 marks fifty years since the death of Le Corbusier.

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