Returning to archaic ideas about the world, I made a book about the elements: air, water, earth, fire and void. These are written in the book in handwriting, through carbon paper.

The words are taken from four different beliefs about the nature of the world, from different times: Ancient Greece, 14C European, Hindu and Tibetan.

The carbon paper is very "old technology" and handwriting is apparently due to die out soon!

The images are printed in the most low tech and basic way I could think of, inspired by the Japanese method of printing from actual fish, called "Gyotaku,"
I have carefully printed each object by inking with a paintbrush or roller and holding it in my hand. The damp paper is then rubbed gently against the object until a satisfactory print is obtained. The most difficult part of the process is keeping finger prints off the paper, especially as I printed four images on each strip of paper, on both sides.

The colour and nature of the objects fits in with the elemental theme; red for fire, brown for earth, blue for water, grey for air and blank pages for void.

As a concertina book the book can be "re turned" and read on the other side, where there are different images and words.

It is both a physical return and an historical return to ideas of the past.

I observe a tendency among artist at present, to take up old methods of working and to re interpret past ideas.

 Gyotaku fish     
 Reverse side of Book     
 Earth and Fire     
 Front of Book, air and earth     
 Water, Air, Earth.     
 cover, marbled in water