In response to the exhibition of the same name, I have made a book in an edition of 25.
The circular shape reflects the circularity of decay and renewal.
Words are printed around the circumference. On the outer edge is the poem on Shelley's gravestone. The central zone concerns meaning and the recycling of all life. The inner zone lists the chemical elements common to humans and the soil.
The similarity of our chemical nature to the nature of soil, emphasises how closely we are entangled with all other life on earth.

The book is like a fan when closed and opens to reveal a full circle of pictures and information.
Closed 30cm x 9cm max. Open, 60cm diameter.
Digitally printed on Somerset enhanced archival paper 225g/m2 velvet, with additional transfer printing.
This book is part of an exhibition at the University of Puget Sound, USA (September 2015)