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About my work


I like to develop installations, books and exhibitions about the human condition.

I work across many media including printmaking, photography, construction, photography and painting, depending on the relevance of those media.

My working method  is to carry out intensive research.  From this research I collect archival material, create images and texts and combine these to make new work.

There is nothing better than opening a discussion with an audience. It’s an ideas exchange.  I’m saying “what about this, have you ever thought about this?” I make artist books and I  make large work for installations or  exhibitions. I like to tell a story and so an exhibition is like a book blown open and spread around the space!

I have held exhibitions in museums and libraries, in nature and in the garden. I am a gardener. The garden is another world, very much like the human world in many ways. I often use garden related imagery to illustrate ideas and to discuss the human condition.

My Artists’ Books are in collections here and around the world.

I have curated shows including the work of others.