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About my work


I take a thematic approach to my work, developing installations books and exhibitions, working mainly in the UK and previously in France. 

My working method  is to carry out intensive research.  From this research I collect archival material, create images and texts and use these to make new links.

I consider process to be as important as “final pieces.” 

There is nothing better than opening a discussion with an audience. It’s an ideas exchange.  I’m saying “what about this, have you ever thought about this?” An installation or an Exhibition is like a book blown open and spread around the space.

Much of my material comes from working in museums and libraries, in nature and in the garden. I am a gardener. The garden is another world, very much like the human world in many ways.

I work across many media including printmaking, photography, construction, photography and painted work, depending on the relevance of those media. I often produce Artists’ Books and these are in collections here and around the world.

I am a keen collaborator and have curated shows including the work of others.