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About my work


I take a thematic approach to my work.

I develop installations and exhibitions, working in the UK and South West France. I also produce Artists’ Books.


After intensive research, I combine a matrix of interchangeable ideas, which may contain archival material, images and text. I spend a lot of time thinking while teasing out insights and meanings. The result of this process might be an Installation, Exhibition, a Book or all three.

I consider the evidence of process to be as important as “final pieces,” because my work always feels provisional. A set or series of pieces is more interesting than a single item. There is never just one answer.

The narrative is a way of opening a discussion with an audience which is why I love to make Artist Books.  An installation or an Exhibition is like a book blown open and spread around the space.

Much of my material comes from close observation of nature and the garden, because it is an existential mirror of the human world.

I produce printmaking, artist books, construction, photography or painted work, depending on the relevance of those media.

I am a keen collaborator and have curated shows including the work of others.