The narrative form of the book, with all its possibilities, is what interests me. I like the range of materials and ideas which can be incorporated into exciting and imaginative formats. Occasionally I make a unique book, but most are small editions, often called democratic multiples because they are not expensive.

My books are mainly visual and the content deals with ideas about life, death and human values.

Ideas which are often challenging, are gently probed, often using an analogy found in nature. The thought processes before production are the most important, but I enjoy making because I always make the form of the book serve the idea in it. The form of the book is therefore very varied.

I print either digitally or by hand and all my books are hand stitched and bound on archival paper. 




Holes Book 2009 – 2023

A unique book, designed and bound by me at Leeds College of Technology in 2009; content completed in 2023. The cover has a debossed hole and a photograph sandwiched between the binding layers. The drain cover was photographed in the grounds of an Asylum.


Partly formed as a response to Arte Povera and partly in anger, this page references artist Lucio Fontana. It is torn, painted and crossed out.

The anger is directed at nationalism, war and vandalism against nature, along with  other  antisocial power games and disasters.

The colophon lists all the artists amd sources referenced.


My neighbour cut down a much loved oak tree and poisoned the stump by filling drilled holes with herbicide.

The ruin of a country.  I don’t like flags.

It’s not a game! WW1 ships on which many men died.

The Pantheon Rome. The light shines through.

Originally in 2009 there were four books. Two were sold as they were then, but the remaining two have been worked over in 2023 with additional images and texts, printing and collage. The paper is mixed, found and recycled. One copy stays in my archive, but the remaining book is for sale. 

To enquire about the prices of any of these books please use my email link in the “contact me” page of the website.