I am a passionate and prolific recorder of the world in photographs.

When I take a photograph, I am recording shapes, colours, texture, forms and events.

I am not always making a stand alone work of Art, I am collecting information. This is my sketchbook.

A Mirrored Journey

A Mirrored Journey, a digital project begun by two artists in Vienna during the Covid lock down period, was an interesting world wide project. 2021- 2022.

A small round mirror was sent by post to a group leader, complete with detailed instructions. Three photos were to be taken showing your typical environment at this time. The three photos were sent to the organisers to add to a website and were also posted on Instagram. The mirror had to be posted onward to someone very far away, with the instruction to repeat the process. The photos I took are below. I forwarded the mirror to a friend in Singapore.

In my photos I was interested in the illusional quality of mirrors, the reversed image and the mirror as a reflector of light. I also hoped to look back at my history and at my cabinet of curiosity, complete with the rust and dust.



A Little death. Tap each photo to view.



I have over 25K digital images in my bank of evidence about the world. These are mainly used as elements in exhibitions and in books. My photographs can be starting points for a whole project and are usually shot in a series.

I originally made analogue photographs on paper and I still have a mobile darkroom for black and white developing and printing. This is the kind of photography I used to teach.

I suspect the attention to light, dark and texture which were important to working in black and white, still influence all the art I make.



Mirror/Reflections. Tap each photo to view.