The Land : Layers through Time

This is my first printmaking installation and exhibition since getting my lovely press!


Because I was Artist in Residence, The Upper Wharfedale Folk Museum in Grassington allowed me to put some work in amongst their displays! I used those spaces to show background research, some framed work, books and an audio visual presentation.

At the same time the majority of work for sale, with books, was showing at The Wishbone Gallery, Main Street, Grassington. The concept was that  visitors should visit both sites.

The theme of the project was the land, transformed by man, over time. This was illustrated by the landscape of the Grassington area viewed from above. Aerial views of the area show remarkable field systems and the evidence of dwellings stretching back over 5,000 years.

The printed shapes are individual archaeological remains seen from above.

I have always been interested in archaeology and have included references to historic structures, mapping techniques, land ownership and the way that humans have exploited the landscape. The palimpsest of the landscape is a strong influence on the work. It is remarkable how many times earlier features have been overwritten, stone reused and villages re-sited in new areas.

Quarrying is well represented in the Museum and is a strong feature of the moor above Grassington where mining for lead has left its spoil on the land. 


The truth of the past is difficult to see. It is regularly revised, in light of new evidence. This was an illuminated window display.


The Exhibition was supported by the Grassington Festival 2018. The opening coincided with the start of the festival on 16th June. The exhibition continued until 2nd September 2018.

To see the two small books associated with this exhibition follow the books link to “England was part of the continent” and “The Landscape, the Palimpsest, the Archive”